BBQ Booster – What is it?

BBQ Booster is a revolutionary BBQ grill accessory that gives you better control over your cooking temperatures.

Tired of meat that’s burnt  on the outside and raw on the inside?  Wish all your food could go on and come off the grill at the same time?  Fed up using spray bottles to fight flare-ups?  Want more grilling space?

BBQ Booster is the solution to these issues, and more!

Manufactured in the U.S.A and made entirely from stainless steel, BBQ Booster is a multi-tiered cooking system that easily & quickly installs on top of your existing, rectangular BBQ grill grate.

With 7 different levels to choose from, ranging from 1½” to 5½” above your grill’s existing grate, you have maximum control over the height of, not one, but two additional cooking grates.  This means optimal control over your cooking temperatures plus other benefits.

BBQ Booster

BBQ Booster

What can you do with BBQ Booster?

  • Protect food from nasty flare-ups
  • Help Prevent burnt BBQ
  • Have better control over cooking temperatures
  • Cook multiple foods at different temperatures simultaneously
  • Increase your grilling space
  • Make cleanup easier

But wait…there’s more!

  • BBQ Booster makes the perfect gift!
  • It’s very durable – yet lightweight
  • Can be installed in under a minute – without tools!
  • Won’t rust
  • 30-day money back guarantee!