Ten Best Steak Choices for Grilling


If one were to stop and think of all the varieties of steaks one can choose from to grill, it becomes obvious the choices are vast. And, if one were asked to name at least 5 steak varieties, most people might be hard-pressed to select at least five, but that’s ok! Here, you’ll get a quick overview of the all-time best steaks to slap on your grill—all delicious but with different characteristics which makes each choice uniquely distinct, with varying degrees of flavor, leanness and texture.

Ten Best Grilling Steaks!


1: Filet Mignon~

*** Also known as ‘Tenderloin’ or ‘Beef Tenderloin’ Steak

*** Marinating is not necessary

*** Lightly marbled

*** Should tie twine around the side for even cooking

Interesting Fact: Filet Mignon possesses smaller amounts of connective tissue, contributing to its notable tenderness. This cut, however, is not always as flavorful as other cuts, which is why bacon is often wrapped around it to enhance its flavor.

2: Strip~

*** Also known as NY Strip, Shell, Top Loin or Kansas City Steak

*** Marinating is optional

*** Available as bone-in variety

*** Is lean but tender and well-marbled

Interesting Fact: The tenderness of the Strip is due to the fact that the location of this muscle (the rear portion of the back) prevents it from getting too much of a ‘work-out’.

3: Porterhouse~

*** Also known a T-Bone

*** Marinating is not necessary

*** Amount of marbling is moderate

*** Can be pricey

Interesting Fact: The ‘T-Bone’ Steak gets its name from the ‘T-shaped’ bone and contains meat from the most prized-cuts of beef. Interestingly, the T-shaped bone actually separates a NY Strip and a Tenderloin fillet.  The ‘Porterhouse’ variety will be more expensive than the ‘T-bone’ variety due to having more of the prized ‘Tenderloin’.

4: Tri-Tip~

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Thick and lean

*** Very reasonably priced

Interesting Fact: Tri-tip steak is a favorite cut of meat that is used by professional cooks who create chili-con-carne for competitive chili circuits. Its low-fat content is valued over beef during these competitions since judges will take off points for chili containing too much grease.

5: Rib-Eye~

*** Marinating is optional

*** Is well-marbled

*** Can be pricey

*** Noticeably tender

Interesting Fact:The Rib-Eye has the most fat compared to other steak varieties which is why this type of steak is so juicy, tender and flavorful.

6: Top-Blade~

*** Also known as ‘Flat Iron’

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Well-marbled but quite lean

Interesting Fact: Because of the marbling, this steak is juicy and has an excellent beef flavor. ‘Top-Blade’ and ‘Flat-Iron’ steaks have a small difference between the two of them: a ‘Top Blade’ will not have the connective tissue removed while a ‘Flat-Iron’ will!

7: Hanger~

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Remove center membrane before cooking

*** Full of flavor but can be tough if not prepared properly

*** Has grainy texture—good for fajitas or bulgogi

Interesting Fact: This steak is prized for its flavor! In days gone by, butchers would keep this cut for themselves (because of the taste) and not offer it for sale. Best if quickly cooked with high heat– as either ‘medium rare’ or ‘rare’ –to prevent toughness.

8: Flank~

*** Also known as ‘London Broil’

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Lean

*** Can be a bit tougher so it is best thinly-sliced—good for sandwiches with BBQ sauce or a main course.

*** Should be cut across the grain

Interesting Fact: This cut of meat is not technically a ‘steak’ but it is allowed to be on the ‘steak’ list due to its popularity, most notably during grill season. Its flavor is due to the connective tissue content making it, also, less tender.

9: Sirloin~

*** Also known as ‘Top Sirloin’

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Extra lean

*** Great value for the money

Interesting Fact: This is a very affordable steak and aside from marinating, it is often pounded to enhance tenderness. It is a great choice for cutting into cubes and used with skewered vegetables.

10: Skirt~

*** Also known as ‘Philadelphia Steak’

*** Marinating is recommended

*** Is a long, flat steak that is coveted for its flavor more than its tenderness

*** Sometimes confused with ‘Flank Steak’ which is a slightly different cut

*** Remove membrane covering before grilling

*** Great for fajitas and stir-fry recipes

*** Slice against the grain to maximize tenderness

Interesting Fact: The meat is cut from the diaphragm area and can be further divided into the ‘Inside Skirt’ and the ‘Outside Skirt’. The ‘Inside Skirt’ is more tender and flavorful.

When choosing steaks for the grill, keep in mind that you should select steaks with at least 1 ½ inches of thickness. The more marbling, the more the fat is evenly dispersed throughout the meat; and the flavor sensation won’t be compromised from the first tantalizing bite to the last. Yes, lean meats are healthier than those with generous amounts of marbling, but if flavor is your sole goal, it’s the marbling that will give you the flavor sensation you are looking for.

Marbling should be comprised of thin streaks of fat.   If you notice thick lines of fat, you will be purchasing a steak with a generous amount of connective tissue that will contribute to toughness.

Any steak can be grilled to sheer perfection as long you know the type of meat you are going to grill!