Which BBQ Grill Should You Purchase?

Which BBQ Grill Is Right For You? Not all grills are created equally, nor should they be. After all, when one purchases a grill, there are some specific considerations that come into play that will determine what type of BBQ grill you might purchase. Those considerations will be swayed by your budget, living space, among […]

Tips For Cleaning Your BBQ Grill Grate

BBQ Grill Grates – How In The World Does One Get Them Clean? Ugh! Cleaning the BBQ grill—it’s a chore no one looks forward to but there is good news: it can be done with relative ease assuming you use products or methods that are known grime-busters. The adage, “There’s more than one way to […]

Cooking With Direct & Indirect Heat

What Does It Mean To Cook With ‘Direct’ Heat or ‘Indirect’ Heat? It’s as American as baseball and apple-pie—BBQ grilling! Watching the burgers and brats brown, listening to the sizzling of the steaks and inhaling the outdoorsy aroma of smoking mesquite wood chips is an experience grill lovers savor.   For grillers, it’s an art—a craft—that […]

Does Eating BBQ Grilled Food Cause Cancer?

Can BBQ Grilling Cause Cancer? It’s all around us—we hear of various drinks, foods, building materials, weed killers, beauty products etc. that can cause cancer. We’ve become inundated with information that attempts to warn us of possible dangers. So you might be asking, “But BBQ grilling? Come on; you’re kidding, right?” Most people have probably […]

Delicious Burger Recipe

Ok everyone – here’s the recipe I used in the following video:   1 lb of ground mix 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tbl-spn worchestershire sauce 1 tbl-spn olive oil seasoned salt mix together, form patties (don’t forget the thumb indent) Goes well with cheese and jalapenos, and some potato salad on the side

Pros & Cons of Direct & Indirect Cooking On A BBQ Grill

Controlling Temperatures With Direct & Indirect Cooking When it comes to outdoor grilling, or any kind of cooking for that matter, temperature control is critically important. In the digital world we live in, where there is a control setting for everything, controlling the temperature on your kitchen’s oven range may be as easy as punching […]

How to Control BBQ Grill Flare-Ups

As someone who loves cooking outdoors, I know how frustrating flare-ups can be. Flare-ups are, by far, one of the biggest antidotes to outdoor grilling fun. Whether you own a gas grill or charcoal grill, controlling, or better yet, eliminating the damage caused by flare-ups is vital to ensuring great tasting BBQ. What Causes BBQ […]