Looking For A Portable Grill?

Portable grill

Here Are A Few Suggestions!

Have you been considering purchasing a portable grill?  They are perfect for small outdoor spaces, such as a balcony, and equally perfect when used for tailgating, picnics, the beach or at a summer-cabin setting.   With that being said, make sure you are up to speed on any existing rules or regulations where portable grills may have limited usage or may be prohibited, completely.

Some portable grills are compact enough to carry on your back while hiking; and most will fit easily into the trunk of just about any car.  Portable grills are truly handy and there are four types you can choose from:

1: Portable charcoal grills that will provide hours of grilling enjoyment

2: Portable gas grills that run on disposable liquid propane stored in easy-to-carry canisters

3:  Portable electric grills which will provide intense heat and run beautifully via a portable power-inverter if a traditional source of electricity is not available

4:  Portable ceramic grills that utilize charcoal and are usually very compact and are super-easy to keep clean

Below, you’ll find some information on various portable grills that will, hopefully, narrow down your choices since the options are many and varied!   Don’t let the small size of portable grills mislead you into thinking they don’t have the capacity to create a high-enough grilling temperatures—they do!  They have features and capabilities that just might surprise you!

Cook-Air Wood-Fired Grill—Under $200.00:

The Cook-Air Wood-Fired Grill is designed to burn wood and can reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit; and this unit is built to reach 1,100 degrees in less than 5 minutes with the aid of a wadded piece of paper and a chunk of wood!  An internal blower system has five different speeds which allows for not only enhanced burning but grill-temperature adjustment, as well.  Since wood is the fuel source, you can expect generous amounts of smoke which will embed into the foods and make them taste as if you cooked them over an open fire.  Any type of flavored woods can be used.  The Cook-Air Wood-Fired Grill can use an electrical outlet, a car adapter, a power-inverter or batteries; and it is designed with a nice-sized, 14” cooking grid.

You can expect to pay about $150.00 and it comes pre-assembled so the only thing you’ll be responsible for is attaching the handle!

O-Grill 0-500 Propane Grill—Under $200.00:

The O-Grill 0-500 Grill is oh-so portable since it weighs only 18 pounds!   This little powerhouse has 165 square inches of cast-iron grilling surface that is designated as ‘commercial-grade’.     This grill comes with a 9,000 BTU-output stainless steel burner and uses standard, 14-ounce propane cylinders and is known for the intensity of heat it produces, which is perfect for searing steaks!   The O-Grill 0-500 Propane grill also has retractable legs and comes with an optional, and very handy, storage bag with zippers and Velcro closures.  This unit is available for around $150.00.

Cobb Premier Grill—Under $200.00:

If you want versatility in an 8-pound portable unit, then the Cobb Premier Grill is right up your alley!  This baby barbecues, grills, bakes, smokes and boils and costs right around $160.00 bucks!  Here’s another impressive feature of the Cobb Premier:  it will cook up to 3 solid hours on no more than 10 standard, charcoal briquettes!   At only 12.5 inches wide and deep, it possesses an ingenious design where all grease drains away from the fire, preventing unwanted flare-ups.

The grill is capable of cooking a chicken in 1.5 to 2 hours with tenderness and absolute doneness; and baby-back ribs can be smoked to sheer perfection.  And how about this:  you can add water, soda, beer etc. into the on-board ‘moat’ and achieve results that equal beer-can chicken.

The retail price includes a handy, very durable carry bag, grill grid and a cooking-surface lifting fork; and all the accessories fit neatly into the carrying case with room to spare for extras.

Weber Q 2200 Grill—Under $300.00:

The Weber Q 2200 grill is a propane-fueled, sleek, portable unit, but it weighs a bit over 40 pounds making it a bit heavier than some other choices.  This is the perfect grill for an apartment balcony setting; and with a solo burner of 280 square inches of cook space, enough meat for several people can be cooked at once.  The cast-aluminum body and lid are virtually impervious to inclement weather and the cast-iron grates are porcelain-enameled, providing for stick-resistant grilling.

Compatible grills that are sold separately offer alternative ways to prepare a variety of foods; and ease-of-cooking is enhanced by the grill’s electronic ignition button.  Larger meats such as roasts can be cooked with the Weber Q 2200 due to the higher, roomy lid; and the on-board thermometer is handy for keeping an eye on inside grill temperatures.   Adjustments in temperature can be made at any time via the burner valve.  Another nice feature are two side tables that can be folded up for compact storage.

Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill—Under $500.00:

Talk about packing heat!  The Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill is a 14,000 BTU model and weighs in at only 20 pounds with pushbutton ignition, spring-loaded latches for safe travel and 155 square inches of cook space.  The infrared ability makes this grill ideal for searing steaks and cooking them to perfection!  This grill is truly versatile for several reasons:  1) it is available as heavy-duty stainless steel or marine-quality steel 2) it comes with a railing mount so it can be used on a boat 3) it can use disposable, one-pound propane bottles or can be converted to a 20-pound tank or natural gas.

The Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill costs about $470.00 and comes complete with a carry-tote. It packs more heat than any other portable grill; and with infrared-grilling, your meats will retain their coveted, natural juices!

This list is obviously only a handful of the many portable grills on the market that are designed to suit anyone’s needs, tastes and budgets.  If you want a first-time grill for little money; if you need portability and compactness or if you just want to add a 2nd grill to a larger grill you already have, then portable grills are the way to go!