Increasing Your Grill’s Cooking Space – It Can Be Done So Easily!

Increasing the space on your grill can be done easily!

Simplicity is the name of the game!

Use Rib Racks

If ribs are on your ‘let’s-grill-tonight’ menu, try this ingenious method to cook more ribs on your grill so you can use leftover space for other grilled goodies. Ribs can use up a lot of space on a grill and for this reason, you will want to purchase what are called ‘rib racks’–they are available at any BBQ supply outlet as well as online. Rib racks are designed to cook ribs in a stand-up position—how ingenious! Rib racks are metal frames that are securely placed directly on the grill. They are designed with multiple slots to accommodate rib placement in an upright position where you can bake, roast or BBQ these delectable morsels, utilizing minimal space. One rib rack will hold enough meat to feed about 8 adults; in fact, a single rib rack can hold four full racks of ribs and chicken and chops can be cooked in rib racks, as well.

Modify Your Food Presentation

Hypothetically, if you were to find yourself needing more space on your BBQ grill for guests tonight; and steaks, potatoes and veggies were to be on the menu, there is one great solution that doesn’t require buying a second grill—turn your steaks, potatoes and veggies into kabobs!   Food from the three food groups are neatly skewered together into one tidy, space-saving strip.

But the good news doesn’t stop there! An ingenious gadget called kabob baskets are on the retail market that will house three long kabobs at one time.   These non-stick wonders are placed right on the grill—housing three rows of kabobs side by side—with detachable handles that are removed during grill time. Removable handles offers up more grill space; and the handles are very easily reattached when the kabobs are ready to turn.

Use Multi-Tiers

In Japan, most people live in apartments—there isn’t enough land-space to accommodate the population; so residences are built up, not out.   That concept is the same with BBQ grills that have only so much space on the grill’s grate to accommodate foods that require more space than the grill can provide; and this is where multiple cooking tiers come in.   The first and lowest grate is the direct-heat grill where you would actually cook your food. The 2nd, or middle, tier is intended to be used for keeping food warmed, such as chicken, removing it from the direct-heat source to keep it from becoming overly done. The 2nd tier can also be used for steaming vegetables. The 3rd tier is, of course, even further from the direct-heat source and is a perfect environment to keep breads and rolls warm without compromising their soft texture. Multi-tiers serve as the ultimate method for organizing foods that are placed on the grill simultaneously that require different cooking or warming temperatures. If you’re interested in a multi-tiered cooking platform, check out BBQ Booster.

Use A Rotisserie

A rotisserie, of course, will slowly rotate and cook roasts, whole chickens and even veggies and potatoes.   Since a rotisserie’s metal rod is suspended above the grill, it frees up grate space for other goodies below. If your grill didn’t come with a rotisserie, you can purchase them online or locally. They serve as a nice little luxury to make your grilling experience that much more systematic and fun!

There you have it—extra space for your grill than can be made in a variety of ways.