Five BBQ Accessories Everyone ‘Needs’


Ok, we all know there are certain “must-haves” when it comes to being a master-griller: a good-quality spatula, some basting brushes, a pair of tongs, BBQ skewers, a meat fork and a grate scraper; but how about grill gadgets that are a bit off the beaten path—those BBQ items that you don’t see at most grill-outs, but maybe should.

When we say BBQ accessories that everyone needs, it’s a bit subjective; but after reading over some of the grill gizmos, below, you just might think they, too, are things you need from here on out. They are also items that would make great house-warming gifts as well as Christmas or birthday ideas.

Marinade Injector

You might look more like a surgeon than a griller with this ingenious gadget—and don’t be surprise if people shy away from you with this item in your hand: it would be a marinade injector; and they do exactly what their name implies: they inject marinades into meats. They really do look like a doctor’s syringe and the good-quality varieties are stainless steel, weigh only a couple ounces and come with several needles that allow passage of both liquid and dry marinades directly into meats including turkey, chicken and briskets.

Marinades that are injected into meats can turn bland-tasting varieties into mouth-watering morsels or turn naturally-tasty meats into even tastier versions! Typically, meat-injectors can hold up to 2 oz. of your favorite marinade; and instead of brushing marinades onto the surface of meat, you can season the meat all the way through.   This is an absolute necessity for any serious grilling!

Expected Price: Around $15.00

Digital BBQ Grill Thermometer:

Did you know that wireless grill thermometers exist? Not only do they exist, but they are about the size of a small cell phone and can monitor the grilling temperatures of up to 6 different types of meats—beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey—200 feet away from the grill! In a nutshell, this type of gadget uses a wireless transmitter probe which sends temperature updates to the cell-sized receiver. An on-board timer will send an audible voice alert when your foods have reached the preset level—from ‘rare’ to ‘well-done’.   The probe wire is heat-resistant and will fit through the oven door without affecting insulation. What a convenience to be able to check your grill’s temperature quickly and easily without having to run back and forth!

Expected Price: Around $35.00

Pizza Oven Box:

Who says pizza has to be baked only with a traditional oven? A pizza oven box is a wonderful addition to any griller’s tool inventory. You can convert your natural or propane gas grill into a pizza oven by setting the burners to the HIGH setting and then preheat the pizza oven box for about 20 minutes.  A temperature indicator will reveal when the box is bake-ready for your favorite pizza. Pizza oven boxes are portable, of course, and quality versions are made of porcelain/enameled steel and provide optimal heat retention. Because of this, you can even bake breads and cookies as well as roast meats and veggies on your grill using this simple, yet amazing, mini-oven. What is really remarkable is that you can bake gourmet pizza in 4 minutes or less!

Expected Price: Around $120.00

Grill Mesh:

Ever have seafood or veggies slip through the grates of your grill? It’s frustrating when that happens but the days of lost food pieces, never to be consumed, are over. Every griller should have a grill mesh on which to position any number of smaller pieces of food and keep everything in place without having to skewer smaller pieces or lose some of them, altogether. This ingenious item allows for maximum exposure to smoke and even-heat distribution from the grill—your food’s grill experience is never compromised!

Good-sized grill meshes measure about 18” by 14” and are made of durable fiberglass with a non-stick surface that can easily withstand up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. These lightweight “placemats” would be loved by any griller due to being incredibly convenient and durable as well as being easy to clean with a damp cloth! And if cleaning your grill’s grates is something you abhor, these mesh mats can be used for meats, as well!

Expected Price: Around $14.00

Chimney Starter:

Admittedly, a chimney starter might not be quite as interesting as the other items mentioned, but when it comes to convenience and ease of starting up a charcoal grill, you absolutely need one of these indispensable babies. Most anyone who has eaten grilled meats has, at one time or another, noticed a lighter-fluid flavor in their steak or hamburger. Whenever lighter fluid is used on a grill, it’s almost impossible to eliminate the lighter fluid taste.   Lighter-fluid flavoring is not on anyone’s request list on how they want their food to taste; and chimney starters are the perfect solution to achieve full flavor without lighter aftertaste.

Chimney starters are made of aluminized steel, are usually about 12 inches high and about 8 inches in diameter and take on a ‘top hat’ formation. For this size chimney starter mentioned here, you would be able to quickly start charcoal for a 22.5-inch round grill.

Expected Price: Around $25.00

The list of gadgets, gizmos, utensils, thingamajigs and doodads for grilling could be a very long one; and each and every griller will decide what does or doesn’t work for him or her. But isn’t it fun to cook out with family and friends and use some of the neatest little inventions ever thought-up for grill-lovers everywhere?