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Ten Tantalizing Dry-Rub Recipes You Can Make At Home!

Dry rubs are a fast, simple way to add zest and enhanced flavor to meats of all kinds—chicken, beef, pork, lamb and fish. It’s so easy–you simply combine all the dry ingredients and cover the meat selection with the spice-mixture and literally rub it into the meat so the flavors can be released. Any left-over […]

Pulled Pork

Easy & Inexpensive with Flavor That’s Out of This World! Pulled pork is a very, very slowly-cooked meat that is exceedingly tender; and oh, so flavorful! There are various ways of slow-cooking ‘pork-butt’ which is the meat used for pulled pork; and if you were to ask 20 people how they cook this type of […]

Five BBQ Accessories Everyone ‘Needs’

Ok, we all know there are certain “must-haves” when it comes to being a master-griller: a good-quality spatula, some basting brushes, a pair of tongs, BBQ skewers, a meat fork and a grate scraper; but how about grill gadgets that are a bit off the beaten path—those BBQ items that you don’t see at most […]

Five Super Dry-Rub Recipes!

Various Meats certainly have “personalities” all their own—the flavor and texture of a New York Strip is going to be a lot different than or a chicken thigh or a pork-chop.   And even though meats are delicious all by themselves, meat-rubs are created to deliciously enhance the flavor of any meat by offering some added […]

Top 5 Barbeque Side-plates

All Scrumptious and Super-easy! Ah yes, the BBQ season—when the grill is hot and chicken, burgers, steaks and sausages are sizzling, the aroma just can’t be beat.  And the universal question grillers often ask is: “What should we eat with the meat?” Let’s face it; there are countless side-plate options to choose from; but finding […]

Five Mistakes People Commonly Make When They BBQ!

Have you noticed that most grillers are men? No doubt, there are plenty of women who can handle the spatula and other utensils at the grill with exceptional talent and finesse, as well.   But when it comes to men, there are two things they will not do: 1) ask for directions and 2) admit when […]

Controlling Cooking Temperatures Using Your Gas Grill

Controlling and maintaining the cook temperatures with your gas grill is an acquired skill.  It can be compared to a Thanksgiving Dinner that one, single person in one’s family has prepared in the kitchen with impressive synchronization and precision—the turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green-bean casserole, rolls and gravy are all hot, cooked to perfection […]

Controlling Cooking Temperatures With Charcoal Grills

Controlling the temperature of your charcoal grill is vital if you are serious about utilizing your grill the way it was designed to be utilized and turning out cooked foods that are optimally juicy and flavorful.  Every griller wants friends and family to not just eat the culinary creations but savor them!  It becomes personal—and […]

How To Start A Charcoal Grill – Get Your Grill On!

Start A Charcoal Grill The success with starting a charcoal grill certainly isn’t difficult, but there are a few little tricks-of-the-trade that—if unknown and not used—can make the difference between having fun or experiencing frustration!  No one wants to wait longer than necessary to bite into some plump sausages, juicy burgers or tantalizing steaks, so […]

Increasing Your Grill’s Cooking Space – It Can Be Done So Easily!

Increasing the space on your grill can be done easily! Simplicity is the name of the game! Use Rib Racks If ribs are on your ‘let’s-grill-tonight’ menu, try this ingenious method to cook more ribs on your grill so you can use leftover space for other grilled goodies. Ribs can use up a lot of […]