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Out-of-this World Barbequed Turkey!

If you’re type of griller that loves to try new recipes—especially recipes that call for beer—then you truly need to try this recipe for barbequed turkey!   Many people believe that grilled or smoked turkey turns out far better than turkeys that are baked/roasted in a traditional oven.  Grilled or smoked turkey will end up being […]

Looking For A Portable Grill?

Here Are A Few Suggestions! Have you been considering purchasing a portable grill?  They are perfect for small outdoor spaces, such as a balcony, and equally perfect when used for tailgating, picnics, the beach or at a summer-cabin setting.   With that being said, make sure you are up to speed on any existing rules or […]

Want to Build Your Own Pizza Oven?

You Can Do It! Having one’s own outdoor pizza oven is gaining popularity in the United States; and when one of these quaint add-ons to your patio is in place, it beckons people to socialize with one another.  The rustic building materials, the warmth of the fire and the aromas from the food within create […]

Infrared Grills

How Do They Work? There are three main types of heat that are commonly used with cooking: conduction heat via a traditional kitchen stove and two types of heat that apply to grilling outdoors: convection heat and radiant heat. Radiant heat is synonymous with the term ‘infrared’ and has been a major ‘player’ with cooking […]

The ‘Science’ Behind Grilling Perfect Burgers

The last time you had a BBQ’d hamburger, do you recall its texture and flavor? Was the meat dry enough to quickly warrant a generous swig of the nearest bottled refreshment just to move the meat past the back of your throat?   Or, was the meat so juicy and delicious that you couldn’t wait for […]

What Are The Best Woods for Smoking Meat?

For those who love to smoke meat, there’s a question that is often asked: “What are the best woods to use for smoking meats?” It’s a great question and perhaps the best answer would be: “It depends on your personal preference.” It’s akin to asking what would be the most delicious flavors of ice-cream—it’s subjective. […]

Secrets That Produce THE BEST Dry-Rub Recipes!

Yes, we’ve all heard the adage, “You get what you pay for”; and it’s true—the quality of a Mercedes Benz will be far different than that of a Chevy Aveo.   You would pay far more for real hard-wood floors than simulated, wood-grain linoleum—and, oh what a difference! It all boils down to quality. Now, when […]

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos

Get Ready for A ‘Disappearing Act! If you want to impress your family and friends with a taste sensation that will rock their world, then here ya’ go! This recipe for Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos creates a flavor-blend that taste-buds will fight over!   The preparation is so easy and quick you’ll use it over and over […]

Ten Best Steak Choices for Grilling

If one were to stop and think of all the varieties of steaks one can choose from to grill, it becomes obvious the choices are vast. And, if one were asked to name at least 5 steak varieties, most people might be hard-pressed to select at least five, but that’s ok! Here, you’ll get a […]

Zesty Home-made Kansas City BBQ Sauce!

Ah, yes—BBQ sauces! They are about as American as root-beer floats and apple pie. It’s one of those embellishments for food that was destined for permanent stardom among American food dishes; and the variations of BBQ sauces are virtually countless. Not only are BBQ sauces a flavor enhancer, they are mood enhancers, as well. The […]