Say "Good-Bye" To Burnt BBQ

Say "Hello" To BBQ Booster!

  • Protect Against Flare-Ups

    Protect Against Flare-Ups

    With 7 height levels to choose from, you can position your food outside the reach of nasty flare-ups.

  • Control Cooking Temperatures

    Control Cooking Temperatures

    Controlling the height of your cooking grate means you can better control cooking temperatures.

  • Increase Grilling Space

    Increase Grilling Space

    More space = more food = more fun!

  • Cook At Different Temperatures Simultaneously

    Cook At Different Temperatures Simultaneously

    With the ability to utilize 3 cooking grates at once, you can cook multiple foods and varying temperatures at the same time.

  • Easy Clean-Up

    Easy Clean-Up

    Give your BBQ Booster grates a scrub, and place them right into the dishwasher!

  • Makes The Perfect Gift

    Makes The Perfect Gift

    BBQ Booster makes the perfect gift for any grilling enthusiast.

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Warning: This product has been known to cause a more enjoyable BBQ experience